Registering .de domain troubleshoot


I recently paid to register a .de domain name through Dreamhost. I am not German and I am not from Germany, it was just intended for the purpose of URL shortening so that “Finer Side” could become “”.

I don’t remember seeing this information when I paid for the domain name but now when I log into the control panel I see this message:

“For .de domains, a German presence is required for either the Registrant or Admin contact information.
Also, DENIC (the central registry for all .de domains) requires that a registered domain have a web hosting plan within thirty days of the registration. If hosting does not exist within the grace period, then DENIC will delete the domain.”

I do not need hosting as the domain is just being used for a blog which is hosted for free. What does this information mean for me? The domain name which I have paid for also still shows up as “available” if I search for it on Dreamhost.

Also did I somehow miss the warning message above when I was paying for the domain? Because I really don’t remember seeing it.


If DENIC goes to in thirty days, they expect to see a site. It sounds like you have that covered.

Dunno about the German presence issue, but I’m not surprised they want it for German entities.

Any advice about who I should ask for more information? It seems odd that I was able to register it using an Australian billing address if this is not actually allowed.

I wish I had been warned of this earlier if it is going to be a problem.

Support should be able to check into this. Submit a ticket.[hr]
p.s. When I went to the panel for Registrations and tried to sign up for, it told me it was available, then stipulated the rules from your original post. Below that was my pre-filed customer information and a Continue button.