Registering for more than 2 years

Hi there - I’m new to DreamHost and just trying to find my way around! I wanted to register a domain for more than 10 years - is this possible on DreamHost? I can’t see an option for this, there’s only the option of purchasing 2 years. Other domain registration companies allow 1, 2, 5 and 10 years so I’m not sure why this isn’t showing up?

The 2 year limit is a method employed to limit fraud damages. There has been talk of implementing a process that will allow known customers to register domains for longer periods. Once verified you could try sending in a ticket asking for an extension on the initial 2 years. If you’re successful please drop back and let us know about it - there have been a few people interested in going to 10 year route.

I’m pretty certain that there is no way to register a domain for more than 10 years at a time, period. Nothing stopping you from coming back and renewing the domain in ten years, though. :slight_smile:

Whoops, sorry I meant 2 years. Think I’ll buy my domain for 10 years elsewhere and transfer over. domains have a limit of 2 years of registration set by Nominet, the UK agency who runs the .uk domain space. No provider in the world can go around that unfortunately.

The way some registrars are handling this is providing domain renewal “as a service”. So you can pay for 10 years of domain registration today and they will renew it for the maximum extension each time renewal is due. Bit risky on their part considering domain prices could rise in future.