Registering a Sub-Domain


What I want to do is register a sub-domain off of the domain that I have right now (ie:

Normally that isn’t a big deal, since I’d just create another folder in my FTP program and I would get that result.

The problem is now that I’m offering hosting to one of my friends, and do not want to give out my username/password to them. Nor do I want them to beable to have access to the files that I have uploaded myself, and I don’t want access to his.

So how exactly do I do this? I did it before, so I know there’s a way, but I can’t seem to do it now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Just create a new user name to give to your friend, then add a new fully hosted domain (sub-domain in your case) and set it up to be associated with that new user. They’ll only have access to their sub-domain, and nothing of yours.


Note that the example URL you cited wasn’t a subdomain, but just a subdirectory within a domain.

A subdomain is of the form “”, when the base domain is “”.

– Dan