Registering a .fi domain

Does anyone have experience how this is actually done…?

You can’t register a .fi domain here. You’ll have to do that with a Finnish registration authority. Once that’s done, though, you can host it here if you set your registered domain’s name servers to, etc.


Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I’m aware of that, but I’m not completely sure how the nameserver part is done in practice. They use the term “configured” which implies that something has to be done beforehand. Here’s the full excerpt from the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s website:

"You cannot reserve the domain name in advance and you will be asked to give name server information in the application form. Contact the Internet service provider you have chosen unless no name servers have been configured to serve your new domain name. The service provider can also forward the application for a domain name on your behalf. You will not be able to find the domain name on the Internet or receive e-mail unless no name servers have been configured to serve the domain name.

The domain name service will automatically check that the name servers specified in the domain name application function properly. All the name servers that have been configured to serve the domain name must be indicated in the application. Each name server must function. If one or several name servers do not pass the name server test and are not repaired within the deadline (1 month), the application for a domain name will expire and the applicant will lose the domain name. The fee will not be returned."

Okay it looks like they require that you setup your hosting first in order to justify that you’re eligibility for registering a .fi domain name.

If you already have an account here at Dreamhost, go ahead and Add New Domain via your Panel using the .fi domain name you intend to register. After you’ve done that you can then fill in the registrar’s application form with the following nameserver details:

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Ok, I was considering of doing that, but I was hesitanting whether that was the way to go. Let’s see, I’ll give it a try.

Thanks a lot guys, I highly appreciate your time and help!


Just to give some postinfo:

yes, that worked. I added a parked domain and then waited for a half a day to let the name server setting take effect, after which I went on to register the domain - that was it, now it works like a charm.

Although I’m a bit curious that I - apparently - don’t need to do any sort of authorization at dreamhost’s end, that I actually have the rights for the domain…

The domain will only serve from Dreamhost if it’s pointed at the Dreamhost nameservers, no matter where the registrar is located. You, as the domain owner, are the only one who legally controls that aspect.

As an example, you could try adding to your plan right now, but it won’t drive any traffic your way because Google have their nameservers pointing at their own locations.

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