Registered Yesterday, still no site

Well I paid and registered for “” plus the Level 1 hosting. My control panel says my account is pending, but I recieved and email saying that it was approved but due to technical difficulties I need to do the following: e’re very sorry, but it looks like we encountered an error when setting up your account! We unfortunately need you to go to our web panel and finish setting it up manually…

Please first add an FTP user here:

When finished, please add your domain here:

Finally, you can set up your email addresses here:

Your login information for the panel is shown at the end of this email.

I try to do those but each time it says I havent paid for an account. I also noticed that “” hasnt been registered yet, but I paid for it yesterday. Whats going on?

sounds like some kind of a glitch when you were registering. Probably not your fault. Send an E-mail off to support and let them know what’s going on. You probably should set it to a site-outage emergency so they’ll look at it sooner.

Hope you like it here at dreamhost!


Ok, I sent them the message I posted here. I sent it as “emergency”. How long do you think itll take until they get
this solved/respond? Im just wondering because I would like to get my webaspace soon.

Responses to emergency reports have taken between 8 and 57 hrs recently here.

To compare.

My new host replied to a non-emergency tech support request within 4 mminutes this morning.


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I fear it is DH poilicy to deliberately delay response to give the system time to itself recover, given that this particular system suffers from many problems due to internal propagation delays and transient conditions such as ISTM mailbox login failure after setup confirmation, web site outage due to bad_http_d_conf, panel outage, webmail “cannot connect to IMAP server” etc.

So then DH reponds with the disappointingly frequent “Is it working now?”, ignoring the reported instance.