Registered w/ DH; Hosted @ Home


I just recently had to cancel my hosting with DreamHost (no problems from DH themselves just haven’t worked in over 2+ yrs due to an accident and have run out of money.) but I did want to host my domain at home.

Since its just something to practice around with (IIS etc) its not a huge issue.

Now I’ve searched the forums and have come to a conclusion (from a post dated 2007) that I cannot change my A name, DNS to my home DNS server.

I have registered for DynDNS and ZoneEdit but neither are taking. DreamHost accepted the ZoneEdit nameservers however they do not update (its been 8+hrs) and continue to stay at the DH nameservers.

Could anybody help?

Thank you in advance.

Edit Okay so I tried changing the nameserver again and it took the ZoneEdit nameserver. Not sure what was happening last night but it seems to be okay now.

Edit2 Seems to be working. DH just took a bit to propagate through…