Registered elsewhere; trouble moving DNS to DH


So I have a domain registered at
I did not request that 1and1 host it, but showed DNS set to 1and1 servers.
As DH directs me to do, I went to the 1and1 admin panel and changed DNS settings to ""
It took an hour, but at last 1and1’s stopped sayin that the domain’s status was “changing” and finally said it was “ready”.
Since then their DNS check (and show correctly my domain is now on servers "… etc"
When I go to “” - I still get 1and1’s dummy page saying “This domain has recently been registered”.

I HAVE already used DH’s panel to (first ) PARK this domain in my acct and (later) REDIRECT to another of my domains.

Why won’t DH’s “Managing Domains” control panel affect my domain?

[I had added the domain to my DH account list BEFORE switching DNSs at 1and1. Hope THAT is not a problem.]

Can anybody help? [It’s only been overnight. Should I have to wait longer for the web to catch up with what knows?


I think you are going to have to wait longer. Sometimes, domain propagation can take as many as 72 hours. I’ve been waiting for about 24 hours (so far) for a registration to propagate after pointing the DNS to the DH nameservers.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog


Thanks for the reassurance, Simon.
I thought that the change reflected propagation, but maybe they get a direct update.


This may or may not be related to another issue that is currently being discussed here:

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog
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I believe that there is a dns problem because yesterday I pointed 2 domains to the nameservers at DH and they are not working.


On a related issue… I am trying to go ahead and register my next domain directly with DH.
But after I click ‘OK’ after choosing the $9.95 for one year… it bumps me back to the general Domain Management page…

Is the DH registration setup munged, or is it just me?