Registered domain on godaddy and have a shared hosting plan on DH

I registered a domain on godaddy and have a shared hosting plan here on DH. I need to point the domain to my site on DH. Do I need to change the A record on the DNS at godaddy or change the name servers on godaddy to DH’s name servers?


Depends. Are you trying to move ALL services for the domain to dreamhost? including email? If so, change the nameservers.

Or are you just trying to point http requests to dreamhost and leave other services (such as but not limited to email) at godaddy? If so create and A-record.

If you want all services at dreamhost it’s better to change the nameserver to dreamhost and let the dreamhost panel automation manage all the DNS entries. If however you only want to point webservices for one domain or sub-domain to dreamhost then add the A-record.

I just want all http requests to be directed to DH. Thanks.

How do I get a hold of my DH server’s IP address? I can’t find it anywhere in the hosting panel.

On the manage domains screen the domain must show “fully hosted” in the webhosting column. Assuming it does, click DNS for the domain. On the next page, scroll down to the automatically generated non-editible entries and find the A-record. The IP address listed there is what you should use in your godaddy entry.

There’s nothing there. Does it take a little while for this to show up? I created my hosting account today. [hr]
What I mean by “nothing there” is this:

On the previous screen do you have “DNS only” in the webhosting column or does it say “fully hosted”?

Fully hosted.

Something is wrong there, I just added a test sub-domain as fully hosted and then immediatly clicked the DNS record, and the A -record entry was there.

Open a support ticket or try deleting the fully hosted domain and then re-adding it after the email arrives saying the domain has been deleted.[hr]
Actually, when I deleted that test domain, i just got a success message, doesn’t look like that generates an email (although I think it used to)

I opened a support ticket and then it magically appeared along with an email with the same instructions you first gave me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!