Registered at Godaddy email problems


I registered a domain at godaddy and bought one of their email packages. I am now hosting the domain on Dreamhost.

The FAQ says that in order to use Godaddy’s email service if you are hosting somewhere else, you must change the MXservers.

But what if you want to use Dreamhost mail servers? Then I don’t need to change any MX servers, right?

I created several email addresses w/ GoDaddy before I bought the webhosting servicer hereat DH. I created the same email address under the DH control panel, and I am able to log in. However, whenever I send mail to the address, it gets a bounce back.

Must I delete the godaddy account?

Thanks in advance.

I think you can fix that with MX on the panel but isn’t clear enought

Maybe good enought to ask to support for advice…

I got the godaddy email to work. That is, i can login into my web based godaddy email system. I edited the MX on the panel.

But, if I wanted to move all of the emails over to the DH mail servers, then I guess I would have to edit the MX again.