Registered Account

Please help! My client has a registered account with dreamHost but the hosting has expired. I simply need the information necessary to redirect her website that is privately registered with you ( to the new design found at Please any advise would be much appreciated!

Your client will have to handle this, either by giving their username and password for the panel, or logging in on their own and setting the WHOIS information for their registered domain to use your name servers.

Unfortunately, my client no longer has her account information in order to login! Is there no human contact with this company?! Not much for customer service! If there was a way to talk with someone over the phone, I could have had this taken care of months ago! Instead, I am left to run circles around myself sending emails that never reach anyone and call phone numbers that reach a recorded voice! Completely unsatisfied!

Does your client still have access to their primary email account? The one they get their DH invoices and such on? Use that address to send mail to Phone support is really expensive, so there’s that email address and a contact form: