Register now, choose domain later?

hello i want to be a dreamhost customer, and was wondering if it is possible to buy a hosting package, and then recieve my free domain dot-com domain later?

so meanwhile i can have the dreamhost url address.

Yeah, I don’t think this is a problem.

When you’re ready to register a domain through the panel, it should not end up billing you.

Yes, you can!

You don’t need to have your own domain at all: you can request a DreamHost subdomain! You can then take your time to figure out -and register- whatever domain name you like best. Check it out [color=#0000CC]here[/color].

One free domain name registration is included in the price of all DreamHost hosting packages! (But please note: it’s free only as long as you remain a DreamHost customer…)

Good luck!

[color=#0000CC]Xunu[/color][color=#FFFFFF]…[/color] :cool: