Register globals



I have a couple of websites that need register globals turning on, I just can’t do it, does anyone know if DreamHost stops you doing it, if so, will they do it for me? I have asked them.



No website ever “needs” register_globals enabled … though many may need to be re-coded so they don’t rely upon that capability. :wink:

DreamHost won’t “stop you from doing it”; it’s kinda like they won’t stop you from publishing your user/pass credentials in 2600 magazine … just because you can does not mean that you should.

No, they won’t do it for you. There is a good reason they did not enable it in the first place! :wink:



Yes, register_globals is the embodiment of pitchfork and pointy-tail evilness.

If your software requires register_globals, you require different software :wink:


IOW: You have a couple of websites that need reworking.

Before looking down the path of turning register globals on, it’d be in your best interests to scour the code and make it work without register globals. There’s a very good reason why they’re disabled, and no scenario where they are “needed”. If it’s code you’ve bought, and it relies on register globals, then you’re best speaking to the vendor - i wouldn’t trust any scripts/software produced that relies on register globals.


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