Register .com + .org? Free=

  • I want to register my domain name thru DH for both .com & .org. Can I register both at the same time on the panel? (Maybe I’m paranoid, but I don’t want leave a window open for someone to snag one or other and then hold it for ransom.)

  • Would the free DH domain be

Thanks in advance. charlie

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I am not quite sure what you mean. The registration function in the Web Panel is limited to one domain at a time, but you can register two domains one after the other if you wish. The ‘window’ for someone else to take your domain would be very small.

During sign-up you can register one (or .org or whatever) as part of your plan cost, registration of this domain will remain ‘free’ for the life of your hosting at DreamHost.

You can also choose to not register this free domain during the sign-up process and instead choose a subdomain of In this case, your free domain can be registered at a later time using the Web Panel.


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