Register a Domain Poor Service - Refund

To anybody that reads this and is a support member/staff,

I “registered” a domain with Dreamhost. The payment went through and I was charged an amount of money, but my accoutn was still pending for unknown reasons.

Dreamhost offers the ability to click on a link and they claim that they will call you back. As you can imagine I have clicked on it but nothing.

I sent 3 tickets with no response.
I needed that domain ASAP. I had no choice to go to another company. They offered 24/7 support, and the registration took no more than 15min. I had access to my website in 30min.

Now I kindly ask from Dreamhost a refund and a cancellation of my account, and all my details from your databases.

The reason I am asking this in the forums is because I can not get any feedback from sending tickets.


The department at dreamhost that does this is the “approvals dept”. Unfortunity they only are available during normal west coast US BUSINESS HOURS. Meaning they don’t work holidays and weekends. If you haven’t communicated via on of the tickets that you want to cancel and get a refund for the domain registration you should either reply to one of the open tickets, or open yet another one… All are routed to approvals and waiting for someone to deal with come Monday morning.

Hi AlexS7,

Thanks so much for your feedback. I completely understand your frustration; Unfortunately what LakeRat explained is correct. Our Approvals team will be in the office Monday morning PST and will be sure to address your concerns. Thanks again!