Regional Announcement Lists?


I’m setting up an announcement list for a band. The band travels from time to time, but mostly plays in California. When they were managing their announcements manually, they had separate lists of subscribers separated by region. I’m wondering if there is a straightforward way to set up multiple announcement lists so that the subscriber could choose which list they wanted to subscribe to. Make sense?

I’d like the interface to be simple, like the current web form (text fields for name and email address) but with an added list (for instance, CA, West, Midwest, South, East, International, All Announcements) that would direct the subscription to the appropriate list.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Looking at the web form code, this line sends the name of the list:

So I would have to have a different value for each list, right? I’m not sure how to write the code so that a different “listName” value is sent to the script depending on what the user chooses.

I know how to make the list:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

but I don’t know how to place it correctly in the context of the line that the script will be looking for. Make sense?


Actually, I figured this out, I think. I haven’t implemented it yet (because we’re not sure we want multiple lists), but it seems like it should work. I hope someone else finds this helpful.

I changed this line in the standard web form:

to this:

[code] ListName1[/code][code] ListName2[/code][code] ListName3[/code] [code] ListName1[/code]

As long as name=“list”, I think that any input type should send the proper information to the DH Announcement List script.

Hope this is useful to somebody.