Regarding overselling!



I was just talking to one of my friend online who already have 3 dedicated server and he is into web hosting business.

I talked to him about the content that DH can offer (I dint tell him that explicitly DH can offer but told him that there is one provider who can provide this…, because his prices were too much high as compared to DH) and he told me its IMPOSSIBLE. They must be overselling !!

I asked him definition of overselling; he told that if you are allocated 300 GB of space, they dont really reserve 300 GB space for you… If you upload 10GB file (or data comprising 10 GB), it will give you error then saying space is not there and it would not work until somebody from their staff allocate more space to the machine !!

Just wanted to clear it out here itself (I think we have very experienced people here!) Is that true? Has somebody faced problem who has data on their online account more than 50GB? I dont think personally that its true… but just want to discuss…


Jigar Mehta


As posted by DH staff Yea they are overselling… but in a clever way… I can tell I got more than a 2GB of debconf video and a lot of 708MB of my podcast… and 1.3GB of pictures of my personal photo album… and not near the limits… and I’m trying hard ;D

So… you must really need too much to hit them… and then again… how many?



So, what if they have reached the limit? Will they tell us that you cant use any more space… as we dont have any now!! Or they will solve the problem in an hour or two and let us continue our work ?

And While reading the page you referred me, I came to know that DH closes account for more number of mysql queries!! This is simply unbelievable!! If somebody pays for getting service, how can one measure the queries??? Is that still the story? I mean is accounts discontinued because of mysql queries and for things like that?

These are the things I think, I come across just now (another side of the coin!!)

Jigar Mehta


The only hard limit one would hit would be disk space. The volume I’m on still has 335 Gigs free, so that’s enough if I wanted to fill my space in the next hour. However, it would take a much longer time to fill up that much space and their admins would notice this before it became a problem.

I hope you read the whole page you mentioned because Jeff from DreamHost replied that they will try to warn you if you’re hitting the SQL server too hard, but if it’s an emergency, they’ll disable your activity and then contact you shortly thereafter. In cases I’ve seen about accounts being disabled for technical reasons, DreamHost has made efforts to accommodate the user, whether it be moving them to a less used server, moving them to a dedicated server, or letting them download their data if they need to find a new host.

In the end, DreamHost does their best to live up to their end of the bargain. It’s not a problem if you’re the average customer. If you’re not average, but in a good way, they’ll help you out. If you’re not average, but in a bad way, they’ll probably be more sympathetic than I’d be.

You’ll find that most customers are very happy here, and a noisy few aren’t.



We have had our large disk allotments for a year now and have not had problems with our customers uploading data faster than we add storage. The scale is TBs per day, not GB.


Unindexed tables are usually the problem, not number of queries. We do a lot of indexing of customer tables to keep the mysql servers running smoothly.

It has been clearly proven at this point that we deliver on our plans. Just because your friend hasn’t figured out how to do it, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. :wink:


I’m no DBA. How can I index a database?




Got it !!

So, that means even if the application has bad database design in indexing, user is given option to improve their index and program (say 2-4 days) and then they will be given notice for dis-continuation right? I am very much worried by the fact saying somebody would have to find another host for their established business site overnight!! I would never like to do that…

Thanks all for replies and making this platform where queries can be solved easily.

Jigar Mehta


If a customer table is creating problems, we usually just index it ourselves immediately. We encourage everyone to index their tables in advance though. Also some performance problems are not solved by an index and in that case we try to give the customer some guidance in how to better organize their data. In cases like that, yes we would give you time to work on fixing the issue. If the problem was bad enough we would ask you to not use the table until it could be fixed.


Michael, I read your links about indexing tables and then it gave me a headache, so I moved onto happier things. It’d be nice if the Wiki had some pointers on how to implement indexing.



Perfect !!

That is what I expect from DH… I am totally satisfied. Thanks for all your services. You are the best… !!

Jigar Mehta


I am just getting an error right now while uploading a 1 MB file.

[16:09:54] 452 Transfer aborted. No space left on device

So, is this what overselling is? When can I expect this to get solved?

Jigar Mehta


Do you have a disk usage quota set for the user that you are using for the transfer?

You can check by going to Users -> Manage Users in the panel then clicking Edit next to the relevant user.


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I dont have any kind of restrictions set for this user. Its not checked. So, there should be some other problem.

BTW, thanks for responding so quickly.

Jigar Mehta


Then I suggest lodging a support request via the panel, I am sure DreamHost support will rectify the issue for you.

No problem. :slight_smile:


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Complaint registered on panel! Waiting for response.

Another small question I had, Say If I have some XXGB of data on my webserver stored during my service of 1 year. Next year, I want to continue with dreamhost and want to upgrade to some more convinient plan (like 400GB), will my data be persistent for next year also? I mean just want to check if they delete the existing data and gives me empty 400GB space!!

Jigar Mehta


Your data will be safe, plan upgrades are very easy. :slight_smile:

In-fact, you don’t have to wait until next year to upgrade, you can upgrade at any time using the panel. Just go to Billing -> Manage Account then click the small edit next to your current plan. To quote from this page.

[color=#0000CC]If you up/downgrade or change rebill period:

there will be no downtime for anything.

feature changes happen immediately.

your plan’s billing start date changes to today.

any pre-payment left over is credited towards the new price.

there is a $49.95 one-time set up fee if you pick a monthly billing cycle.[/color]


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Upgrades here are the easiest things in the world. All you do is pay the diff and you’re ready in almost no time at all.

It was so easy that I upgraded to code monster to lock in the lower prices after a month (or maybe less) on a level 1…