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Hi there,
I’ve just signed up to dreamhost to fully host a website that has it’s domain registered somewhere else (smartyhost).

Now, I’ve got the name server section set (although i could only set one nameserver), but I’m having trouble working out what i should be setting the other subdomains (ftp.,mail., etc) to.

I’ve taken a screenshot of my smartyhost (domain registrar) control panel, which shows the various settings. I’ve applied the dreamhost IP to smartyhost, and the website is working, however i can’t get the subdomains to work.

Thanks for your help.

I don’t use Smartyhost, but there should be a place to set the Name Servers for your site:
With this information:

This is enough, but you can read on for troubleshooting information.

And to see why you site doesn’t work, click DNS for your site here in Manage Domains to see the IP addresses you should have been using:
You didn’t need to set up all of the DNS records for your site, since using a DreamHost name server handles all of this for you.

I feel silly for not finding that. Thanks Scott, you’re a legend!

It’s all working now, minus the ftp. subdomain - which isn’t a bother, i can always use a CNAME, but i’m getting the "error id: “bad_httpd_conf” " on that.