Regarding change of the hosting

Hi I have a website hosted in bluehosting and want to change the hosting how will i do this? there are many sudomains like this should I transfer each subdomain or transfer a single file

Just open an account here at DH and upload all your files the way they exist at your old host.

Make sure to leave your site running at the old host while you get everything the way you want it to work here.

Then when you’re ready, go to your DNR and switch the DNS info to point to the DH name servers (info in welcome email as well as Panel.)

It can take up to 72 hours for the changes to propagate around the world to all the ISPs. During this time there may be some intermittency.

You can then remove your files from your old host…

Welcome to your new home at DreamHost :slight_smile:

FYI, is a subdirectory.

An example of a subdomain would be

If you follow tutorials for transferring domains, it’s essential to keep in mind this difference, as you can transfer all your subdirectories at once, but you will need to transfer each subdomain on its own, because each subdomain occupies its own folder on DreamHost.

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