Regaining control of a dreamhost hosted website

I’m new to this forum.
I am not a tech guru.
Am trying to help one of my clients regain control of their website.
The question: how does one regain control of a Dreamhost hosted website when a web developer does not respond to queries after three + months of attempts.
Here is the scenario:
The developer got very ill about three+ months ago.
My client owns the domain name and the website hosted at Dreamhost.
My client asked the developer for login credentials to the website over five months ago.
Today after the developer’s illness my client is getting no response at all. So we don’t know of his health and or whereabouts.
We have asked dreamhost for control over the website just this morning. We are waiting on a response directly from them.

Please advise - anyone in the know?

My client is sincere and honest. This is an honest and sincere request. We do not believe the developer is pulling a fast one on us nor do we believe that he would hold the website hostage because we do not owe him any money. He is simply just not responding and we cannot hold off any longer.
Thank you.

Gaetano Apa

If your client is the domain owner and also controls the domain’s registrar panel then they should be able to prove ownership by altering domain nameservers at the registrar dashboard. Such proof might be enough that Dreamhost may consider providing a backup of files strictly limited to that domain.

The primary issue is that the account holder actually “owns” the files from DH point of view, so there will need to be a bit of back & forth (perhaps DH trying to contact the account owner, etc. for verification).

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