Reg transfer failing

Hi, sorry to bother you, I searched some of the posts and didn’t find the answer I’m looking for, basically I’m transferring my registration from another person (meaning I have no control to the other person’s email), and the approval email from registration transfer process was sent to her gkg.whois email, but today I received news from her that she never received the approval email and wanted me to resend it…(she changed her email addy) how do you resend the email? should I pay another 10 bucks for another reg transfer? because that would truly suck… but if it has to be done…


If I understand you correctly, I suspect that some other issues might be involved other than her not receiving and/or responding to the transfer email.

Under the newer ICANN rules, after 5 days, if the registered contact does not respond denying the transfer, the transfer should go through. As you say this transfer “failed”, I suggest that maybe she currently has the domain on “locked” status with her registrar. That is done to prevent her losing the domain in exactly the circumstances you describe (she didn’t get the email to object to the transfer) by causing the transfer to fail even if she does not object.

I suggest contacting her to make sure that the domain is “unlocked” and her current address is now correct with her registrar and then just re-submitting the transfer request.

You should not have to pay again, because AFAIK, you are only charged for successful transfers - payment information is collected but I don’t believe it is actually charged until the transfer succeeds.

It never hurts, of course, to discuss all this with Support by filing a Support Request, as they may have other instructions and/or information. Good Luck!


*Edit - Scott’s answer says essentially the same thing (typing at the same time?), but he says it better - “what he said” is the way to go! :slight_smile:

You can’t resend a request, you have to re-do the request. I just went through this and learned:

  1. Make sure the domain is unlocked and has any privacy guard turned off.
  2. Make sure the domain has the correct email address for contact information, specifically the Admin contact.
  3. If the transfer fails, DreamHost claims you have to give it a week before you can re-submit a transfer. I was able to contact Support to have them delete my request so I could re-submit right away.

So…contact DreamHost support and let them know what happened. They’ll clear it and you can submit it again. You’ll also find that since it didn’t transfer that you’ll still have a $10 credit to try again (and again and again). Yeah, took me two or three tries to get it right.


Having gone through the pain myself…

You will also need a “Tranfer Auth Code”. You will need to get this from the current administrative contact for the domain.

No code, no tranfer.

As already stated in earlier posts, if the eMail in whois is not valid, the process will fail. You can see the current contact in whois. Only the current contact can update this.

Also, if the domain is locked, the process will fail. You can check this in whois. Only the current contact can update this.

As long as you ask nicely, DH tech support should kill a pending request. A request will time out by itself in about a week.

Until all of the required info is available (Auth Code), and until the domain is ready for transfer (unlocked, valid eMail contact), there is no point in starting another transfer request. It will fail.

Overall, this is a very frustrating process the first time. Keep your sense of humor, and always remain patient and polite.

thanks everyone, it is solved now, you guys are so much help!!! thank you!!