I would like to get more info about refund. First of all i want ot say its not because billing thing… its just i dont want to pay for something that doesnt work. Uptime of my sites are like 90% i think maybe even less… and have almost all the time high ping (popinski server)… so this is not what ive paid for… and decided to transfer all my “things” to another hosting company… and ask for a refund…

But what concerns me the most its my domain name… ive bought it with my hosting plan and it was for free… so if i ask for a refund i think dreamhost will close my acc and what will happen to my domain name? Will they just delete it or what? Because i still want that domain… and dont want to loose it… ive just want to transfer it to my new server…

How can i do that to have my domain name but close acc with dreamhost with a refund?

Thx in advance for any help with this issue…


Hi Karol,

Sorry to hear the service isn’t up to your expectations.

There are many of us (me included) that have not experienced poor uptime or high pings, so I think it’s probably that you’ve been unlucky witht he server you’ve been put on.

It might be worth mentioning this to the Dreamhost staff and seeing if they will move you onto another server to see if that helps your situation?

Either way, you’ll need to contact them directly through the Panel. From there you can go to the support tab and raise a support ticket. You can ask them directly about the domain name… most of us are longstanding happy customers, so there’s not many around here that would know for sure what happens when you want to leave!! Like i said, you’re best posing the question to the Dreamhost staff directly.

I hope you get the issue resolved one way or another!


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In regard to your domain, that will continue to be registered to you. In fact, the $9.95 annual domain registration fee isn’t actually refunded to you - just the rest of whatever you paid.

You can either keep the domain registered here and point NFS to your new host or you can transfer the registration over to them too.

As digitalvibe has said, 90% is terrible and if I thought that’s what I’d have to live with, I’d be switching as well. It’s bound to be a bad neighbor so you can try reporting it when it happens (they’re really interested in finding out as much as they can about these slowdowns, since they affect everyone on your server).

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That sounds like you don’t really know what your uptime is on your various sites.

I agree that 90% is bad, and I’d move to if DH ever approached that number with my sites (but they never have).

Good luck with your next host!