This is not what I expected, who do I talk to to get my money back? (Where do I have to email?)

"To end your account with DreamHost, you just go to the Billing > Manage Account ( area of our panel, and click the “close account” link (at the bottom of the first box on that page)!

Simply follow the steps from there, it should all be very clear. If you’re within our 97-day money-back guarantee period and paid with a credit card, you will even be automatically refunded the proper amount. Please keep in mind that any domain registration fees cannot be refunded, and if you had a free domain registration with your hosting it will become for pay.

Also note, only the main Web ID for an account can close it (if you’ve been given panel permissions to another account, you may not close it), and you must enter your Web ID password to verify your identity when closing. You can also only close your account effective immediately, so if you’d like to close your account in the future, please just return to that page on the day you’d like to! If you pay by check or money order, we cannot refund your money under any circumstance once it has cleared.

We’re sorry to see you go… hopefully you’ll consider us again in the future!"

(From the Wiki. Relevant parts are bold.)

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Ok, thanks.

If I may ask though, why wasn’t it what you expected?

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Oh it was moreso I just got a fairly bad first impression, as within the first week I had 1.5 days downtime.

Ahh. :confused:

Well, it isn’t usually like that, at least not for me. They have to completely replace one of their core routers on Monday, so this week has been pretty out of the ordinary.

If it’s just the downtime that was the problem, I would suggest giving them a second chance… I think you’d be impressed with DreamHost when it is operating under normal circumstances :slight_smile:

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Hmm yes you’re right. I had a look at IX Web Hosting (wow they have excellent customer support) but they don’t allow me to rename my root folder, which is neccessary for the CMS I run.

Therefore, I shall give DH another chance :slight_smile:

HOPEFULLY they’ll fix all their problems and just have smooth fast servers running soon.

Cool :slight_smile:

My sites have been working fast since they came back online around 3am forum time yesterday morning (after being down for most of the previous 12 hours). That’s admittedly a lot of downtime at once, but it just reminds me of my last webhost, which once went down for 2 days straight for some reason or another. I think something like that happens to every shared hosting provider at least once in its lifetime, lol

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