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Hi all, i know many of you lOVE DH… I like it ok, but have just found the panel slow, support (well, can’t find any yet), and I have to cancel so lets not talk about that, i’m leaving… What I do need to talk about it how to get my money refunded. I posted a ticket within the panel about 24 hours ago with no reply. I normally would be more patient except that I paid a huge 2 years and can’t risk not getting that back! I was only here a day so I think a refund should be easy and understood by DH. Howerver, i can’t find anyone who works here to talk to about it! Any one know how I can get this taken care of? I like their site and the attitude here, but I must leave and an freeking out about the big payment I made!

Sorry to hear you’re leaving.

I understand your concern, but you should be okay… Dreamhost is very good about their 91 day refund policy - I understand it’s the best in the business.

When you submitted your ticket, did you use the category pull-down menu to designate as a billing issue? I’d advise being just a little more patient. Otherwise you can send an email to billingatdreamhostdotcom.

Good luck!

I’m very sorry for the delay - I took a look at your support history, and it appears that someone closed your account and refunded your full payment earlier this morning.

We’re sorry to see you go! If you need anything else, just send another message to TS and they’ll be happy to help.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
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