Refresh WP templates?




Somehow I have managed to bork up some of my WordPress template files.

Is there any way to refresh them without doing a new One-Click install?


You can always track down the original template on the web, download it, and re-install it manually (the same way you would install a template that was not in the “one-click” bundle).
You might also investigate the .snapshot directories to see if an “unborked” copy of your template is available there. :wink:

This would put your template back into the “original” state, and not effect your “one-click” at all.

In the future, you might find that copying the template and working with a copy can be a lifesaver (just rename the original template directory something like “orig_templatename”); then. if you screw it up, you can just delete the borked one and rename the original to it’s original name.



Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I’ve been looking for a copy of the default WP theme but can’t find it anywhere (??).

The possible corruption might have come from a plugin that I installed, not the actual editing of the file itself. Editing a ‘live’ file is a bad, bad idea.


If its just the default one you want just download wordpress from and it will be included with that.

If its one of the ones installed via one-click in addition to the default you could always install it to another folder, get the theme and remove it.

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