Refresh Issue



I have a Wordpress install that will not refresh when I make changes to its design for 10, 15+ minutes, in spite of emptied caches and hard refreshes. Any possible issues with Dreamhost or my database I should explore?

Thanks in advance -


Are you running the WP-Cache plugin? If so, then you can go to Plugins on the Admin screen and set it to Inactive. Or go to Settings, then WP-Cache and Delete the Cache (button at the bottom).



Yeah, that’s the first thing I did - disable WP-cache. So it’s behaving this way on its own, pointing to an issue with either hosting or database (I would guess).


Sometimes it’s the ISP that’s caching the page for you. You could try to let your domain respond with and without “www” to try to fool the caching. Or even set up a Mirrored Domain, so you have a site that’ll serve the blog. Maybe that’ll test this theory.



Good tips . . . no luck so far, though.

Now Google is having problems seeing newly-added Analytics code in my wordpress code, which further leads me to believe it’s a hosting / db problem. Any other suggestions? :slight_smile:


It would help us help you if you shared the domain so we could compare what we are seeing (ISPs, browsers, etc.) with what you are seeing.



This may sound silly, but are you 100% sure you’re editing the right theme?

You mentioned design, so I’m assuming that’s mainly what you’re doing, right? I didn’t know if you were using the theme editor, or manually changing things some other way.

Actually, if switching themes works, that would seem to indicate the problem… or a theme switch wouldn’t stick either. If you can see a theme swap, you should be able to see anything else that changes.

Maybe put a comment in the header, then go through themes, refreshing each one, then checking the source for the comment.

I would think the db could be eliminated as a problem by simply making a new post/page and see if it shows up.

Also, is this a fresh installation, or a fresh problem on an old installation? If it’s a new installation, you didn’t go the “easy” route, did you? I’d imagine you couldn’t edit those templates, but I’ve never done the easy one, so I don’t know if it gives you an option to do it that doesn’t “stick” – or if the option simply isn’t there. I’m sure someone else could clear that up.

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Good thoughts -
Yes, 100% sure I’m editing the right theme - changes to the template design do show up, they just take 10, 15+ minutes to show up. Oddly, new posts show up immediately.

Fresh install / did not go “easy” route. It’s a Revolution Theme template - (pardon the ugliness, still messing with the design)