Reffered someone

I reffered someone, he signed up through my link and also put in Terracia in the box of: “Found Us”

I also sent a support message asking for the money I deserve, but no one is answering…

Is there something not right or what?

You should learn to be more patient, and read the fine print. You must wait until the person you referred has had their DH account for 97 days. After that 97 days you’ll get your referral reward. This is done to prevent fake referrals. You can also check on the status of your referrals in the DH web panel under Home > Rewards.

Ah… I see… Thanks for the nice and clear answer :slight_smile:

I helped a client sign up for a new account with DreamHost through my affiliate reward URL ( I understand that payment is issued 97 days later.

However, does the system notify the affiliate when someone has signed up from the referral? If so, how long until the affiliate is notified? And where can the affiliate view this pending reward information?

I know the referral worked because when I tried to Retroactively Refer, I got a message that said the new member had already been referred.

I see that Rewards Click-Thru info is available, but no indication as to whether a click-thru led to an actual referral that is pending approval or 97-day wait.



Check out the Rewards tab in your webpanel.

Yes, obviously in the Rewards panel.

My question is, how long after the referral is recorded until the status of referrals pending approval is visible in the control panel? My account shows no indication of a referral pending approval, despite having made a referral for sure about 4 hours ago.