Referring people to Dreamhost?

If I am with Dreamhost, but I need to leave to a dedicated host service, what happens to the money that is in my account for people I have referred to Dreamhost?

And am I able to still refer people to Dreamhost, even if I won’t be hosting with Dreamhost anymore?

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

If your panel log-in continues to function then you should still be able to log-in and manage your rewards payments. The big question is whether your panel log-in will continue to function once you no longer have an active hosting plan under the account, I suspect it would, but you should ask DreamHost about this to be sure.

Once again, you will need a functioning panel log-in. However, DreamHost does say this on their hosting-rewards page…

[color=#0000CC]“You don’t even need to host with us yourself!”[/color]


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You don’t need to have a web hosting in DH in order to use the web panel. You can just simply register and have an account to use web panel. Once you have the web panel, you can start to use the promo code. They state in the website clearly that you don’t have to be a customer (having any hosting)

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