I’ve signed up a bunch of people and have been credited as referring them, however I’m pretty sure they have all used the 777 promo code because their names are in italics. Since they will have to pay the full price after a year, will I be credited with reward money after they make a second payment? I hope so!

Please only answer if you are asbolutely sure.

*** webhosting ***
2400mb space | 120gb transfer | $7.95 per month


Of course not, but I can hope :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help!

*** webhosting ***
2400mb space | 120gb transfer | $7.95 per month


I’m among those who hope the referred people will renew after the first year. And as long as these people are listed in your referral list in italics, you can be pretty certain that the reward will go to you.

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