Referral System


I was wondering if it was possible for a user to change the referrer. I know it says it isn’t, but my friend signed up and referrred under someone elses name. I can’t think why this would have happened but there you go. The user has just signed up so is it possible to change it ‘before it’s too late’?


Your friend more than likely was here on the forum and clicked on a link in someone’s signature which has the r.cgi whatever for referrals… when he/she clicked on the link it added a cookie to their computer. That first cookie overrides all other referrals.

Your friend just has to contact Dreamhost from the email that they signed up with, or from their panel and tell Dreamhost that the referral should go to you and that you. Dreamhost will then change it from the person it went to, back to you, since it is obvious that you were the ‘real’ referrer.


It is possible that your friend used a promo code when signing up. If this is the case then the person who created the promo code will automatically become the referrer for your friend.

According to the sign-up page;

[color=#0000CC]’(Note: Using a promo code waives the right to say who referred you)’[/color]


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