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I’ve contacted customer support but never received a response, so I apologize if I sound a bit frustrated.

I referred two people to sign up for hosting with DreamHost. I know that the application was successful and complete, because I completed the application using MY REFERRAL LINK and also my email address as the referree.

Unfortunately, I never received credit for both accounts. Can someone please tell me what to do or please credit my account? It drives me nuts that nobody responds to the customer support forms through the panel.

I feel that it is deceptive to provide referral URLs for your customers that don’t reward them in return.



I believe it takes 97 days, since that’s the money-back guarantee period. How long has it been?

Others have been receiving their referral credits, so the system does work.



November 20, 2008

and another one yesterday.


Do you see any of them or anything in the “Click-Thrus Report” link or “Referral Report” link?

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No Sir, nothing shows up in either report.


Are you sure you don’t have the links typed up incorrectly? If it is correct then you should see stuff in the “Click-Thrus Report” when you click on your own link. I see stuff in that page when someone clicks on one of my referral links.

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Yep! Absolutely positive. I clicked on the link directly from my panel and began the application+hosting process.

So, how do I get this remedied?


Are you positive you used the same email address as referrer that you used to signup at DH? Referral links can be overwritten due to cookies, but typing in your email address as referrer is supposed to override that from what I’ve read. Create and post a test referral link here that we can all click, then you can check the clicks in Panel and see if they’re actually being recorded on your account.

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I don’t know if Dreamhost does it or not, but I’d imagine a lot of affiliate programs would void out any sign-ups coming from the affiliate’s IP, or that appear to be connected in anyway.

In any case, the best we can do is guess… only Dreamhost can tell you what the problem is.

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Did you use a promo code for the signup? That will override both the referral link and the referring email address. Also, the referring email address has to match the email address listed on your rewards page.

Anyway, I’m sure you did everything right and so you should contact support through your web panel and have them look into it.

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