Referral rewards


I have money showing as part of my referrals and I’d like it to be credited to my Paypal account.
I have no idea what to do to be paid to Paypal.

There are two sections “Apply rewards to your bill” and “Cash out your rewards” which seem to be close to Paypal payment.

What confuses me is that there is no option to cash to Paypal. I’ve updated my address and ticked the box.

However there is a button to apply the rewards to my bill. But I’ve already paid it in full.

What shall I do?

I think cash out is the one you want.
Apply to bill seems to suggest they will pay for any overcharges and/or extend your hosting with them by however much your rewards will let you.
I think that’s it…

So there’s no way to get the cash out directly instead of applying it to the bill and wait for the overcharges? If not, will I get the cash out after monthly charges?

In the section “Cash Out Your Rewards” check the box “Yes, I want excess rewards balances to be cashed out via PayPal each month” and input your PayPal email and press “Update Cash Out Settings”.

As stated in the bullet-points the “Cash outs are sent via PayPal on the first business day of the month”, which implies that the transfer will happen on next Friday.

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Thank you!