Referral reward for non-profits?

So, I see today that non-profits can now get hosting for free. What happens if they use a referral code when signing up? Would the referrer still get the $97 reward?

Probably a question that should be answered by DH, but I’d guess the answer is no.

Promo code wouldn’t be used on something that’s free.

10% of 0 = 0

So, I doubt one time referral payouts would go through… but you never know.

Also, what if you refer someone, get paid for it, then they prove non-profit status within the first 97 days… is that a refund? I would guess that would be a yes.

I’d guess they’ll do some tweaking on the referral code to work with the free non-profit accounts, if they haven’t already.

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I’m curious about this, too. We’re a nonprofit (church), but I haven’t faxed in the 501©3 stuff yet. Now it looks like we’ll be getting hosting for free (and upgraded to Strictly Business!)… I already have referred two other churches, who have used our promo code ($50 off for them, $47 back for us).

I’m just wondering if they’ll really host us for free… I don’t care about the referral money, if they do! (But, we’ll take it if they let us keep it…)

A church making money on another church ? :slight_smile:
Well hummm, anyway…

Now, new non-profit don’t have to pay anything, and promo code are useless for them.

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“Non-profits” just have different ways of distributing their profits, and get special treatment for having special objectives.

“Non-profits” can still use promo codes to profit from referring “for-profits.”

They hired more support help.
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