Referral Report



I wonder how this referral verification process take. I see there is one sign-up in my Referral Summary report about 3 days ago, but under my View Referral Report? link it’s not being credited/show up yet, neither does it show in Rewards Earnings Summary, as my pending payment is still $0.00, I wonder how much time this sign-up usually get verified?



I believe you have to wait for the 97-Day Money Back Guarantee


thanks erik, it’s a bit different from some of other hosting affiliate like bluehost, hostmonster, justhost, ixweb. I am the affiliate of all of these, and first time get into this dreamhost reward program, need to get my head around those rules and reports.


It is different, but I’d also say it is better eventually. Once you’ve got like five referrals that have passed the money-back time period, you start to get credit immediately as the payment processes.

Now, that can kind of suck since some people don’t sign up/pay after the free trial, or some fraudulent sales might show up as credit before being reversed again, but it seems from my experience that the conversion & tracking rates are greatly improved over other affiliate programs out there.