Reenable account



Some jerks used a few of my sites for phising, so my account was disabled yesterday. Dreamhost security/abuse told me what to fix so my account could be reopened.

Since then I have been working like a madman to close security holes, upgrade software, etc. (no sleep yet…)

Everything should be ready now, but I can’t get in contact with Dreamhost security/abuse :frowning:

All my sites are down because of the disable, so I need to do something fast.

Does anyone know how I can reenable the sites myself?

Currently all my sites are in a directory called “disabled_by_dreamhost_due_to_security_concerns_do_not_reenable_until_secure” with permissions 755.

Thank you and happy new year,


This is good for you since your account can be reopened. If you have already fixed your website, I’ll suggest you to contact DH support from DH panel. What do you mean by cant’ get in contact with DH abuse? If they did not reply you, maybe they were checking your account. Anyway, don’t hesitate to contact them via DH panel.

I don’t think we can reenable the sites ourselves unless you move your sites elsewhere. I’ll suggest you to check with DH support again. Explain your situation. Hopefully they will reenable your sites soon since you have already fixed your sites.

Good luck!

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When I email them I get a message saying it may take them more than 24 hours to reply, but that I can contact if I need a quicker reply.

I did contact on People are Dying level two hours ago, but I still haven’t heard anything from them :frowning:

I’m so afraid that they have already left for New Year holiday or that Google will drop my sites because they are offline at the moment…


I believe some of the staff will have a holiday for new year. I also believe there will be some people on duty during new year.

Let’s give DH support more time to check your account :slight_smile:

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