Redundant Servers?

Hi, I’m trying to build some fault-tolerance into my site. What I’d like is to have and resolve to physically distinct hardware. What’s the easiest/cheapest way to do this on Dreamhost? Would I have to buy a second hosting plan? Two static IPs? Are you even set up to manage accounts w/r/t actual hardware like that?

You can create unlimited subdomain in the same account in DH.

You do not have to have static IP for subdomains.

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As far as I am aware, to have those sub-domains on physically separate DreamHost servers you would need two hosting accounts, as all domains and/or sub-domains under the one account will be located on the same physical server. The problem is, the DreamHost TOS forbids customers from holding multiple accounts;

[color=#0000CC]“The Customer agrees to hold only one (1) active web hosting service plan at any given time with DreamHost Web Hosting. Signing up for multiple plans is grounds for termination of all additional plans without warning.”[/color]


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Yes you can, but that doesn’t address the original posters question, the OP wants the sub-domains on separate physical servers.


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You’d have to buy independent, physically separate hosting.

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If you’re going for redundancy for uptime reasons, I’d say you’re off to a bad start by putting them both in the same data center, let alone the same host. I’d go for two different data centers, preferably in two different states, with failover DNS.

If you just want it for backup reasons, beyond your own backups and the backups DH keeps, then you could just go with an off-site backup service. I’d probably go with Gnax for that.

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The only way this is feasible and guarantee that it stays working is to buy a static IP. Once you have the static IP point your domain to and an alternate with the tertiary as (This should make sure all of your nameservers are in seperate datacenters. As per Dreamhost - is in an offsite location)

The alternate that I have mentioned, you can buy for cheaper than hosting in most cases. Check out for managed DNS. They will cover it for less than $25.00/year.

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