Reducing the space my site(s) take in context of "Disk Usage by Fully Hosted Domain"

Just run a ’ Disk Usage by Fully Hosted Domain’
Some of my sites, which are pretty small, take more than 10GB. How can it be reduced? I’m pretty sure it’s not accurate.

As far as I know, the panel’s Disk Usage report is just a measure of disk usage in a site’s web directory (so database, logs, etc. aren’t included). Basically it is the same as the output of the du (disk usage) shell command:

$ du --summarize --human-readable /home/user/

You can get a size-sorted list of directories with this command:

$ du --block-size=1M  | sort --numeric-sort

Possible reasons for the large sizes are logs or caches, which can grow indefinitely. Let us know what you find.

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