Reducing the conueries on a WordPress site

Hello. I use WP as a website (not a blog) and its a pretty big site although I dont get hundreds of visitors a day (very specialty). I noticed the mysql coneuries (had word to spell) was a little high and Id like to reduce those 'cos it’s not fair to the other people on the server. On the original site (not dreamhost-hosted – it’s a long story involving vanishing webhosts & messy backups) I had nightmares trying to set up a caching plugin. On the current one I have a database caching plugin but obviously not helping that much. Any suggestions.

I use WP Super Cache and and WP Widget Cache. Caching content reduces the hits on the database. I’m more concerned about load on the web server for my main WordPress site. If you’re overtaxing the DB server, DreamHost will let you know.

Yes, I just looked into WP-Super-Cache and I put it in and I dont notice any problems so far.

Of course, the previous webhost was a cheap thing.