Redmine Installation

Hi all,

I seem to have a passenger problem.

I installed Redmine, and I get the standard nice home page. But when I try to login, I get a Passenger problem. An internal server error:

Passenger encountered the following error:
The application spawner server exited unexpectedly: Broken pipe

Exception class:

There is a stack trace, but it’s nothing that I can really figure out what’s going on. The error log is empty.



I have the exact same issue.

In fact, i can take the discussion a step further.

I installed Redmine via the instructions here:
Once installed the application gave me the Pipe issue mentioned above. I reloaded the page and after a 10s wait time the page loaded and i was able to start filling things out. The problem is that each page i load, the first time, and if i am not logged in already each successive page further into the app lands on an an Internal Server Error page, with a different stack trace. This happens on every single page, and intermittently after the initial load i have to deal with the same error coming back.

By and large i think the application is in an unusable state, as i cant expect my developers to be able to use an application isnt stable enough to do anything. I did check the code out from their stable 1.1 tagged release and in dealing with having to load the pages more than 2 times i have gotten it to at least “work” properly.[hr]
I did find this:

If you get an error message mentioning a broken pipe with the exception class PhusionPassenger::Railz::ApplicationSpawner::Error as depicted in the image to the right, then you’re most likely running into memory limit problems. Basically, what’s happening is the request being processed by Passenger caused your user memory limit on the server to be exceeded and the Rails process that was handling that request was killed. If you’re seeing this error, then it’s usually a dead giveaway that this is happening. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about this since even a very basic standard Rails application requires a lot of memory up front. In fact, enough memory to hit your memory limit almost immediately – especially if you have other websites being hosted on your account. This will happen even more frequently if you have more than one Rails application being hosted from the same account. The best way to ensure that you don’t run into this problem is to move your Rails sites over to a DreamHost PS. That will give you guaranteed, scalable memory that you can adjust until your memory needs are met.

Which i can understand, but why would reloading work out?

Redmine itself is a rock-stable app - we’ve installed it on VPS systems, and it works like a charm. It has handled lots of simultaneous users with no problem. Redmine isn’t the problem at all.

Dreamhost is the problem.

Basically, from what I can tell, Dreamhost sets RAM limits on users that are going to bump up against the limit no matter what. That’s the response I got back from support - that I was using too much RAM, and I should check what I’ve got going. I have a couple of Drupal sites, and a couple of WP sites, none of which have any significant traffic. So I’m giving up on using DH for rails.

It really is unfortunate.

I have run into similar issues in the past, and their VPS solution is also a bit confusing to me. I think that there are some problems with the implementation (having clearly documented reasons for the above problem would be a good start) but ill be sticking it through at least through august. After that i may pick up a new host that is more willing to work with me to keep my projects moving along.

I installed redmine on dreamhost and it works. Here is a link to the how to doc: