Redmine and SVN project creation

I created the subdomain from the DreamHost panel and installed Redmine.

I actually created all the SVN repositories by hand with the panel but I have a question about users.

I read this howto on how to handle SVN from Redmine:

It requires the installation of the pam MySQL module. Obviously I cannot install it, so I am looking for an alternative solution.

The repository creation is not a problem, because project creation is moderated - so If the project is accepted I will create by hand a SVN repository and a mailing list. It won’t be a task to do every day at the moment, so I can do it.

My problem is with users. When a project administrator adds a Redmine user to his/her project, the user should be able to commit - reposman.rb should take care of this.

I can create shell users with the DreamHost panel but I’d rather prefer something automatic because users creation is not moderated.

I also thought about writing a script to run via cron that:

  • reads project members
  • update the htpasswd files created by the panel, by adding the user and the Redmine hashed password (which is SHA)
    Unfortunately I cannot do this because I would loose the dhapache group on those files. :frowning:

Since all these three solutions cannot be down, how can I achive my goal?