Redirects and images

Hi guys…hoping someone could help me out?

For a while now, I’ve been using my dreamhost server with domain name as a storage space to upload files to use on my blog.

recently, i decided to redirect to a different site. but now, images on my blog that are on no longer appears.

i have an image called sprinklesbanner.jpg and in my blog the URL to retrieve it is but now that directs to, when i type in, this also takes me to the redirected URL, instead of the image.

is there a way that i can fix this so that still redirects, but i can still use this domain to store images?

thanks in advance.


so i decided to upload all images that i use on my blog to my blog’s file manager.

but i am still curious…if i still want to use to redirect to a particular site, but also use that domain as a storage space, is there a way to do both? so in the future if i need to upload files and have someone download them, i want to be able to send them something like and not have that redirect to a different site.

If you want to redirect traffic from to you wouldn’t be able to use to show up on no. Now if you were not redirecting the entire site and only like one page ( or one particular directory ( that would be a different story but I don’t think that’s what you’re doing in your case.

Why not create a sub-domain like and have your images on that for your blog? I really don’t know why you would store images under one url and use them for another like that though, especially if both of your sites are hosted by DH (not that you said they were but w/e). If your sites are both hosted on DH you might as well just make a sub-folder under your blog url and keep your images in that instead of using a seperate domain name. That doesn’t really make any sense.

when i first registered for the domain, i didn’t intend on using it to build a site, i just wanted that domain, and to use the storage space associated with it.

my blog (which is on a different domain and server) had images that was linked from my domain.

then recently, i wanted to use my domain to redirect to my online shop (also on a different domain and server). i didn’t know that doing that would cause all files and folders to be redirected when i wanted to access a file or folder. i just thought it only affected the “” URL, not everything that comes after it. this is me not really understanding how redirects work and so i’m learning as i’m doing this.

but to answer your comment, i actually do want to redirect only one page to my other site. and i thought it was doing this through the domain redirect web panel. considering that i want to redirect, i guess it would be specifically.

also, i didn’t know about sub domains, or that i can create sub domains and save my files on there. another thing i learned today.

but thanks for your input. DH support also told me the same thing regarding sub-domains. i will look into that.

i was also told .htaccess can be used for this 1-page redirect instead of using sub-domains. i asked a coworker and they’re gonna help me out with that. we will see how it goes.

For a single page you should check into the RedirectMatch Directive for the .htaccess file.

It is simpler than using rewrite rules if you don’t have any conditions (ie, who the referrer is, etc).