can you help me understand some situations in dreamhost I’m most likely to encounter. Here are my questions:

We are only talking about 1 domain name

  1. Suppose I’ve created a CMS “joomla” website hosted by dreamhost and its already up and running. Now i would like to change some of the

PHP files especially index.php, how do i do this? where can i find it?

  1. Suppose I’ve created the same CMS website this time it’s in “Opencart” how do I redirect the first website which is created in joomla to

the second which is in Opencart? How do i do this without destroying the first website, so that when need arises i could just switch back to

the first created website and vice-versa.

any help would be appreciated,

  1. sftp into your web-folder and edit away with your favourite text editor
  2. Have each CMS installed in a different folder, but under the same user/ then , in the dreamhost panel:
    Manage Domains>Edit> Change the Web Directory to whichever folder you want the website to be.