I setup a CMS system in the folder.
With dreamhost’s custom setup admin thing how can I foward the domain’s main index to

So somone will type in and go to

Im too used to cPanel with all the other hosts…

Upload an .htaccess file to the document root (“Web directory”) with the following.

# Redirect to RedirectMatch ^/$
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A simpler option would be to create an index file in your root directory and put the following code into it.

Just replace the with the intended new address.

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Be careful using redirect techniques like this. Search engines are increasingly associating redirects with hijack attempts. Meta-refresh tags and redirects within .htaccess files both seem to have this sort of problem.

If you’re interested in maximizing the search engine ranking of your sites, you’re better off creating a simple splash page with a link to the CMS portion of your site. It’s an additional click, but is fairly important for SEO and ranking.

I switched to this simplified method with my Joomla site here: and it increased my rankings.

You can find more details here:

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