Redirecting Within Domain

I am curious if there is a way to not have “index.html” be the default page that loads when someone visits I am interested in having my “home” page be my blog.

So what I’m after, is when you go to, that you will automatically be directed to I can’t use the redirect function on the dreamhost control panel, because it requires you redirect to a different domain.


There are two methods. The first is supposed to be the proper way:

  1. Put this line in a .htaccess file in your directory:
    redirect 301 /index.html
    (note that I’m lazy and do it the second way; so I’ve never tried this method. It probably needs tweaking)

  2. Create an index.html file that contains this line:


Don’t use meta refreshes for this; it causes various problems such as possibly breaking the back button (this varies by browser version).

– Dan