Redirecting website

I have an ancient (1995) website, and have been thinking about updating it for some time. I tinkered with wordpress just recently, and the more I played with it, the more I realized it would be a nice way to go for the user interface and content management of the entire website (not claiming this is a new idea–lol–just that I hadn’t considered it before).

I have a number of old articles on my website–technical tutorials I’ve written over the years–and that’s the main reason the site gets accessed. Originally, I was going to have the blog be a separate feature, but ended up reproducing the old articles in wordpress as well.

So, here’s where I am, and where I want to go:

The wordpress directory is My old website, of course, is I want to change the entry point for people accessing the site, so that going to the url open up at (already sorry I used “blog”–I’ll change that to something else, now that it will be my “main”). It seems that changing the index.html file to redirect (“refresh”) is not what I want to do. I think that I need to redirect it with the .htaccess file.

Here’s the crux of the matter: I want new users, typing the base url,, to go to the entirely re-written site. But I want the old pages (specifically, the articles) and their current urls to remain intact, and I don’t want the search engines to dump them (hm, on second thought, maybe that’s not a problem… they might as well find the versions duplicated in wordpress… need to ponder that).

OK, mainly I want the old version of the articles to keep their urls, for sites that have linked to them. Obviously, that’s the easy part.

LOL–I think I just talked myself out of the “problem”–I don’t think it’s an issue if the search engines dump the old urls, but going to sleep on this… (maybe lose something like page rankings?)

So, I guess my question is… does using Redirect permanent, in .htaccess, seem like my best choice here? I haven’t used this before, but see “Redirect 301…”, I’ve seen “Redirect permanent” on this forum…

And thinking further, maybe I do want to redirect direct links to the old stand-alone html articles to the new clones in wordpress format, so users have a chance to stumble upon my newer articles and features that the old pages don’t have. There are only about 20 of them, so it’s manageable to redirect them individually.[hr]
I think I’ve answered my own question (and it’s kind of looking like “301” is synonymous with “permanent”), but it would be nice to get some confirmation. I’m supposing I’d have one redirect for the root of the site to root/blog, as well as a redirect for each of the old articles to their new wordpress counterparts. Anything else I should be aware of?

Further note:

OK, it looks like I need to do a “Redirect 301” on the main entry to the site, and “Rewrite” statements to redirect the old articles to the new, since they are dynamic pages (wordpress).

And this page should help:

Thanks. I’m going to look at this a little closer, but if someone can give me some advice…

I have some fairly ancient tutorial files on my site that I left in place for now, but also copied to new wordpress pages. So for now, sites that link to the old pages will still find them, though they are no longer accessible without the direct links (you can no longer navigate there from the root of the site). New people visiting the site can come across the wordpress versions.

However, I really want the old URLs to be redirected to the new wordpress-based pages, seamlessly.

*** And I want to make sure that I don’t lose ranking in the search engines. ***

Just wondering if I have to watch our for anything in that regard. Amazingly, I just did the a google search of the first thing that popped into my head that might relate to my site (“oversampling digital audio”) and a page on my site was the #1 link out of 113,000. I guess it’s because I wrote that article a long time ago (1996). I’d love for it to point to the new pages, so people can discover the rest of the “new” site (the domain is the same), without losing ranking.