Redirecting URLs, ROOT folder

I’ve recently built a site using I would really like people to be able to visit my site,, and be directed right to the indexexhibit site instead of typing out the full URL (

I understand that I should have uploaded the indexhibit files to my root folder, but when i found a folder called ‘root’ on my FTP and tried transferring the files, it said permission denied. I’m nervous about screwing up my FTP entirely, so I was wondering if there was any way I can redirect the URL from my DreamHost account page?

You should be able to change the web directory is configured for through the panel to point to or similar.

Yes, that’s what I was hoping for. I’ve been looking but I don’t see where I can do this yet. Do you know where?

Go to, log in, go to the main menu on the left, click domain, then click manage domain, then find where it says, and go to the column where it says Web Hosting, and under that in the row click on edit under “Fully Hosted”, then go to “specify web directory”, type in your new home directory of Hope this helps and is what you were looking for.

Also you wouldn’t want to upload your files to a directory called root, the root means the beginning directory. For example if you had two pages, index.html and detail.html on the domain you would upload the file index.html and detail.html to home/“username here”/ and that is your root directory. The root you were trying to access was the root of the whole server, not YOUR root directory.

it worked! thank you thank you thank you!