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OK so I’m really new at all of this web design and hosting stuff so sorry if I sound like a total idiot.
I registered my domain and got my wordpress blog installed on it. Problem is it made me put it at So my question is how do I make it where people can just type in my url and get to my blog? I just want it short and sweet. I hope that makes sense?

It shouldn’t have “made” you put it at /blog. You can leave that directory box blank so it’ll put it in your root directory. You have two good choices:

  1. Delete it and reinstall it in root
  2. Go to the panel here under Domains -> Manage Domains and click Edit for that domain. Change the web directory and add on /blog
    Then go to your WordPress admin under General Settings and change the URL so it’s no longer at /blog.


Yeah when I tried to put it at my main domain name without /blog it told me I couldn’t put it there because the directory wasn’t empty. I’ll try doing the other thing you said though.


If you do not mind to still have it in but you want when someone types to point him at then in the index.html file in add this line

right after the .

A second thing you can do is that…

Move all the files from /blog to / and edit the config.php (should be like this) and change the root dir of the script from “/blog” to “/”

As it concerns the database you should not have any prob because ussualy you set it as localhost.

If you need smt more and we can help, we would be happy to ask.


meta redirects are the worst option available.

localhost isn’t a pointer to databases at DreamHost.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

I do not know if is localhost… that is y I said “ussualy”.

For the meta redirect thing… It seems that is the only option he has… I did not see anyone else to offer an option… :smiley:

Instead of saying that meta redirect is not a good option it is better to offer a nice solution. :smiley:

Till then the meta redirect seems to work fine.

Scott provided the correct process already. It helps to read the threads in flat mode.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

The “refresh” idea is a quick fix, but search engines aren’t fond of it. So if you’re end goal is to get your site listed in Google, then I suggest using the canonical tag which is the easiest way to add a 301 redirect to your site.

Above the of your code add the following:

Put that on your index.html page and use your blog url for the “” part.

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No, it’s not the only option, or even the best one. Apache server-based redirects via .htaccess files are a better way to redirect a page, and I think there’s also something in the Dreamhost panel to set up such redirects.

– Dan