Redirecting subdomain wordpress pages

Hi, I have recreated all of my old wordpress pages from a subdomain into my new Joomla website. I now want to redirect each page to it’s new page on the main site.

I know this can be done via .htaccess file…but don’t know where to start.

I don’t mind hand coding each page to it’s new page, but can someone give me a good start?

Also, I have the subdomain set up so it can use both www and without www. Does this need a special rule?

an example, this page would redirect to this page

any help is appreciated.

For anyone needing to do this in the future, I found a plug-in for wordpress page-links-to at that did the trick. Pretty slick!

I suggest reading this blog post:

You’ll find the plug in you speak about below and some other great plug ins to keep everything working with Google.

Nick @ 7up
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