Redirecting joomla site to html site


Hi There,
I’ve been puzzling over redirecting a clients existing site which was built with joomla to a new site, same domain, which we have put together using html.
I want to redirect the pages already indexed by google which look something like this to the new page which is

I have put this code in the htaccess file but it ain’t working… Am I doing something wrong…?

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /

RewriteRule ^/content/view/1/2$ [L]

301 Permanent Redirects

Redirect 301 /content/view/1/2/

Is there something obvious I’m doing wrong…? I have used the htaccess file to redirect pages successfully previously with other sites but this is the first time to try redirecting joomla pages

Thanks for any assistance



You’d want this:

RewriteRule ^content/view/1/2(.*)$ /testimonials.html [L]

Or you can use this:

Redirect 301 /content/view/1/2  /testimonials.html
Redirect 301 /content/view/1/2/ /testimonials.html


thank you… have sorted it. Much appreciated for your time…



You’re welcome :smiley: