Redirecting Issues


I got a relative simply question, I hope. I have installed the Gallery software but it is located in a subdirectory on my domain site. For example:

I would like to redirect the path to a subdomain which I created call:

Is this possible? When I tried to do the redirect, I got this error:

Domain to redirect:
"Invalid domain: domain name must contain only letters, numbers, “-”, and "."
Redirect to URL:

I got this same error message and posted a note in this same forum.
You should check out the thread. I got a response but it still is happening. Am waiting for another response so if you tune in to it your answer will likely be the same.

Create an .htaccess file in the root directory of your domain with the following line:

Redirect /zasboy1

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That Domain redirect feature is for redirecting a whole domain (or subdomain) and not a URL with a subfolder like that.

The htaccess recommendation will work.

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