Redirecting email to script

[b]BACKGROUND:[/b] [code]I am new to DH and am trying to set up a couple of my websites. I looked at the Announcement List facility offered and fully agree with the confirmation or double opt-in. I hate spam as much as anyone. I then read about deliveries being sometimes delayed for hours and that is no good.

No problem, since I can use Perl scripts and MYSQL to handle lists management, including double opt-in, and I can send the outgoing emails directly to the receiving SMTP server, bypassing Sendmail.


[code]The problem is that I need to be able to redirect incoming emails to Perl scripts,. I first tried to use an alias and pipe to the script as follows: deliver to | /home/username/
but the mailing system does not allow aliases to deliver by piping the message to a script. It insists on an “at sign” (@) in the recipient field.

I am familiar with Procmail, so I then read the WIKI and learned to create a .forward.postfix file and a .procmailrc file, uploaded them and sent emails to try it. They were forwarded to the script… but it took several hours!

[/code][code]I wonder if other programmers on this list have been able to solve this problem, prior to my contacting support.

Thank you for your replies.

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Not sure but I am profoundly interested in finding an answer to this question, as well. Here’s hoping…